What Goes With Waffles

Craving a mouthwatering breakfast that will leave you satisfied and wanting more? Look no further than waffles, the versatile and delectable treat that pairs perfectly with a wide array of toppings and accompaniments.

Whether you prefer sweet or savory, fruity or indulgent, there’s a combination that will tantalize your taste buds. From luscious syrups to creamy delights, the possibilities are endless.

Get ready to embark on a delicious journey as we explore the question: What goes with waffles?

Key Takeaways

  • Sweet toppings for waffles include peanut butter and bananas, chocolate sauce, nutty spreads (e.g. peanut butter, almond butter), and whipped cream.
  • Savory combinations for waffles include bacon and cheese, chicken and waffles, Caprese waffle sandwich, and ham and Swiss.
  • Fruity accompaniments for waffles include berry toppings (e.g. strawberries, blueberries, raspberries), citrus flavors (e.g. orange zest, lemon zest), tropical fruit pairings (e.g. pineapple, mango, coconut), and fruit compote.
  • Decadent syrups and sauces for waffles include chocolate sauce, caramel drizzles, spice-infused syrups (e.g. cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger), and fruit-flavored syrups.

Sweet Toppings for Waffles

One of the best things about waffles is that you can top them with deliciously sweet toppings like fresh fruit and whipped cream. But if you want to take your waffle game to the next level, you need to try out some nutty spreads and chocolate indulgence.

When it comes to nutty spreads for waffles, nothing beats the classic combination of peanut butter and bananas. The creamy, nutty taste of the peanut butter pairs perfectly with the sweet, caramel-like flavor of ripe bananas. Spread a generous amount of peanut butter on your warm, crispy waffle and top it with slices of fresh bananas. The combination of textures and flavors will make your taste buds sing with joy.

If you’re a chocolate lover, then you’ll definitely want to indulge in some chocolate toppings for your waffles. Whether it’s a drizzle of rich, velvety chocolate sauce or a sprinkle of chocolate chips, adding chocolate to your waffles takes them to a whole new level of decadence. The sweetness and smoothness of the chocolate complement the crispy exterior and fluffy interior of the waffle, creating a truly indulgent treat.

Savory Combinations for Waffles

Try combining your waffles with savory toppings like bacon and cheese for a delicious twist. Savory waffle recipes are a fantastic way to switch up your breakfast routine and add some excitement to your mornings.

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Whether you’re a fan of traditional waffle sandwiches or looking to experiment with new flavors, there are endless possibilities to explore. Here are some mouthwatering waffle sandwich ideas that will leave you craving for more:

  • The Classic Bacon and Cheese: Crispy bacon, melted cheese, and fluffy waffles create the perfect combination of savory goodness. Add a dollop of maple syrup for a touch of sweetness that elevates this classic to another level.

  • Chicken and Waffles: This Southern-inspired favorite brings together the best of both worlds. Crispy fried chicken served on top of a fluffy waffle, drizzled with maple syrup or hot sauce for an irresistible combination of flavors.

  • Caprese Waffle Sandwich: Take a trip to Italy with this fresh and vibrant waffle sandwich. Layer sliced tomatoes, mozzarella cheese, and fresh basil leaves on top of a savory waffle for a taste of summer in every bite.

Whether you’re looking for a quick and easy breakfast or a unique twist on a classic dish, these savory waffle recipes are sure to satisfy your taste buds and leave you wanting more.

Fruity Accompaniments for Waffles

When it comes to fruity accompaniments for waffles, there are a few key points to consider.

First, berry toppings can add a burst of sweetness and tanginess that perfectly complements the fluffy texture of the waffle. Whether it’s fresh strawberries, blueberries, or raspberries, these juicy fruits add a vibrant and refreshing element to every bite.

Additionally, citrus flavors such as orange or lemon zest can provide a zingy contrast to the richness of the waffle, creating a delightful balance of flavors.

Lastly, for a taste of the tropics, tropical fruit pairings like pineapple, mango, or coconut can transport you to a sunny beach with every mouthful. The tropical sweetness and exotic flavors add a touch of adventure to your waffle experience.

Berry Toppings for Waffles

You can’t go wrong with a dollop of whipped cream and a handful of fresh berries on your waffles. The combination of the smooth, creamy texture of the whipped cream and the burst of tangy sweetness from the berries is a match made in breakfast heaven.

But if you’re looking to take your waffle game to the next level, why not try some flavored butter for waffles? These delectable spreads add a whole new dimension of flavor to your morning treat. From cinnamon-infused butter to rich and nutty spreads, there are endless options to choose from.

Here are three delicious ideas to get you started:

  • Maple pecan butter: The perfect blend of sweet and nutty flavors, this butter adds a touch of warmth and richness to your waffles.

  • Honey almond butter: Indulge in the sweet, floral notes of honey combined with the crunchy, nutty taste of almonds. This spread is a delightful treat for your taste buds.

  • Vanilla bean butter: Infused with the aromatic essence of vanilla, this butter adds a subtle sweetness that perfectly complements the crispiness of your waffles.

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Citrus Flavors With Waffles

If you’re craving a burst of refreshing tanginess, consider adding a drizzle of citrus syrup to your morning waffle.

Citrus flavors are the perfect way to brighten up your breakfast and add a zesty kick to your waffles.

There are so many ways to incorporate citrus into your waffle recipes. You can try adding freshly squeezed lemon or orange juice to the batter for a hint of citrusy goodness.

Or, you can get creative with your toppings and try a citrus-infused syrup, such as a lemon or grapefruit syrup, to drizzle over your waffles.

The combination of the sweet, fluffy waffle and the tangy citrus syrup is a match made in breakfast heaven.

Tropical Fruit Pairings

Tropical fruit pairs perfectly with the tangy citrus syrup on your morning waffles. The combination of sweet and tangy flavors creates a delightful contrast that will awaken your taste buds and transport you to a tropical paradise.

Here are three delicious ways to enjoy tropical fruit with your waffles:

  • Tropical Smoothie: Blend together ripe mango, juicy pineapple, and creamy coconut milk to create a refreshing and tropical smoothie. Sip on this delightful concoction while enjoying your waffles for a truly tropical breakfast experience.

  • Exotic Fruit Salad: Combine slices of succulent kiwi, luscious papaya, and tangy passion fruit to create a vibrant and flavorful fruit salad. The tropical fruits will add a burst of freshness to your waffles, making each bite a tropical delight.

  • Pineapple Salsa: Dice fresh pineapple, red bell pepper, and red onion, and mix them together with lime juice and cilantro to create a zesty pineapple salsa. Spoon this salsa over your waffles for a burst of tropical flavors that will elevate your breakfast to new heights.

Indulge in these tropical fruit pairings and take your waffle experience to a whole new level of deliciousness.

Decadent Syrups and Sauces for Waffles

Indulge in some of these mouthwatering syrups and sauces for your waffles. There’s nothing quite like the combination of warm, fluffy waffles and rich, decadent toppings. Whether you prefer the classic flavors or something a little more adventurous, there’s a syrup or sauce out there to satisfy your cravings.

For the chocolate lovers, a drizzle of decadent chocolate sauce is an absolute must. The smooth, velvety texture and rich, intense flavor will take your waffles to a whole new level of deliciousness. And if you’re feeling extra indulgent, why not add some caramel drizzles on top? The sweet and buttery notes of caramel perfectly complement the deep, bittersweet taste of chocolate.

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If you’re in the mood for something a bit more unique, spice-infused syrups are the way to go. Imagine the warm, comforting flavors of cinnamon, nutmeg, and ginger dancing on your taste buds. These syrups add a delightful twist to your waffles, infusing them with a fragrant and aromatic sweetness that will leave you craving for more.

Whipped Cream and Other Creamy Delights for Waffles

Whipped cream adds a light and fluffy texture to your waffles, while other creamy delights like mascarpone or cream cheese provide a rich and creamy contrast. But if you’re looking for some alternatives to traditional whipped cream, there are plenty of unique spreads that can take your waffle experience to the next level.

Here are three delicious alternatives to try:

  • Nutella: This heavenly hazelnut spread is smooth, creamy, and oh-so-decadent. Slather it on your waffles and watch as it melts into a deliciously gooey topping. The combination of Nutella and waffles is simply irresistible.

  • Fruit Compote: For a refreshing and fruity twist, try topping your waffles with a homemade fruit compote. Whether it’s made with strawberries, blueberries, or peaches, the sweet and tangy flavors will complement the waffles perfectly.

  • Whipped Greek Yogurt: If you’re looking for a healthier alternative, whipped Greek yogurt is the way to go. It has a creamy texture and a tangy flavor that pairs wonderfully with waffles. Plus, it’s packed with protein and probiotics, making it a guilt-free choice.

Unexpected Pairings for Waffles

If you’re feeling adventurous, try experimenting with unexpected toppings to take your waffle experience to new heights. Waffles are versatile, and while they are often associated with sweet flavors, they can also be the perfect canvas for savory creations. Forget the traditional butter and syrup, and instead, dive into the world of unexpected savory waffle recipes and unique waffle sandwich ideas.

To inspire your culinary exploration, here are a few unconventional toppings and fillings that will elevate your waffle game:

Savory Waffle Toppings Waffle Sandwich Ideas
Fried Chicken Bacon, Egg, and Cheese
Avocado Caprese
Smoked Salmon BBQ Pulled Pork

Imagine biting into a crispy waffle topped with juicy fried chicken and drizzled with maple syrup for the perfect balance of sweet and savory. Or how about a waffle sandwich filled with layers of bacon, egg, and ooey-gooey melted cheese? The possibilities are endless when it comes to exploring unexpected pairings for waffles.


So now you know all about the delicious possibilities that go hand in hand with waffles. Whether you prefer your waffles sweet or savory, fruity or decadent, there is no shortage of options to satisfy your taste buds.

From luscious syrups and sauces to fluffy whipped cream and unexpected pairings, the world of waffle toppings is truly a culinary adventure.

So go ahead, embrace your inner foodie and experiment with different combinations. Who knew that waffles could be so versatile and tantalizing?

Indulge in these mouthwatering creations and let your taste buds dance with delight. Can’t resist the temptation?