What does root beer taste like?

Root beer is a popular drink in the United States and while it is popular in other parts of the world, it is typically marketed as Sarsaparilla. But regardless of what you might call it, root beer is a sweet, refreshing beverage that normally doesn’t contain alcohol.  

If you are eager to explore different kinds of drinks and want something that is a little different to your typically soft drink, then root beer might appeal to you. But before you take that first sip, you’ll probably want to know whether this is something you’re going to enjoy.

So, in this guide, we are going to be answering the questions of what does root beer taste like  as well as finding out a lot more about this well-loved beverage.  

What Is Root Beer Made Of? 

According to our sources, root beer doesn’t have a recipe that is set in stone. For this reason, depending on the brand you drink or if you are drinking a home made recipe, the chef, you may find that this is anything from a mild beverage to one that has quite a kick.  

However, one thing that all root beer recipes have in common is the base ingredient. Traditionally, this drink was made using roots from the sassafras plant. However, more modern recipes may replace this with the vine from the sarsaparilla. 

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Nowadays, root beer is sold in supermarkets around the world but there is a very significant market in North America with the beverage being produced and sold in every state as well as in Canada.

Typically, these commercial root beers use the base flavor along with filtered water, sugar or sweeteners and a range of other flavorings which could include vanilla, wintergreen, molasses, nutmeg, liquorice, black cherry, and caramel, among others. 

What does root beer taste like?

Can kids drink root beer? 

One of the things that stands out about root beer when compared to many other types of beer is that, for the most part, it is alcohol free. This means that it is suitable for those under the legal drinking age.

While there have been many concerned parents fretting over whether they should allow their child to drink root beer, the general consensus is that it won’t do any harm.  

How Would You Describe The Taste Of Root Beer? 

If you wanted to imagine the taste of root beer, you need only to think of something sweet. Sweetness is one of the first things you will notice when trying this drink and this is what largely appeals to the masses. 

But, depending on the type of root beer you are drinking, you may be hit with a variety of other flavors. As we mentioned earlier, there are a wealth of other ingredients that go into commercial root beers to add depth and flavor.

However, root beer experts would suggest that these commercial beverages tend to lean more towards an acidic taste whereas more traditional recipes have a slightly medicinal taste.

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This is likely owing to the presence of the sassafras root which is also commonly used in over the counter medications like cough syrups. 

There is something of a divide between people about the taste of root beer. It is certainly one of those drinks that you will either love or hate. If you like something sweet then you will probably enjoy a cold glass of root beer.  

What’s The Difference Between Root Beer And Ginger Beer? 

Root beer is by no means the only non-alcoholic beer with ginger beer being another of the world’s favorites. That being said, many people still believe that these are the same beverages but, aside from both being beers, there are some significant differences.  

To begin with, the flavors are completely different. Root beer has many ingredients to enhance its flavor but ginger has never been one of them. On the other hand, ginger beer, as it’s name may suggest, has a strong ginger taste which is often complemented by other spices.  

Furthermore, while root beer does not contain alcohol, there are some varieties of ginger beer that are alcoholic.  

Is Root Beer A Healthy Drink? 

There is a lot of focus in modern times on what we are putting into our bodies. Even if you do enjoy a soft drink, the chances are that you are also committed to getting your daily intake of water and staying in shape.

But when we think about soft drinks, we often associate them with sugar and lots of calories.  

However, according to science, root beer may actually be one of the best soft drinks for those who are looking to prevent tooth damage from fizzy or sugary drinks.

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While that is not to say that root beer won’t cause tooth damage, it simply means that the chances are lower and you would need to consume much more to notice any damaging effects.  

In addition to this, root beer is known for its lack of caffeine which naturally occurs in many other soft drinks, most notable Cola. While there may be caffeinated versions of root beer, the caffeine has to be added by the manufacturer. 

Is root beer good for your stomach? 

Your grandmother might have told you that root beer is good for an upset stomach, but there really isn’t much truth to this. Drinking carbonated drinks is more likely to create gas and discomfort than relieve it.

However, root beer was traditionally used as a medicinal drink for a variety of conditions. In the case of digestive health, wintergreen leaf is thought to have some benefits but the small amount in root beer is unlikely to have a profound effect. 


Root beer is one of the most popular soft drinks in the USA and other parts of the world. While it may be called a beer, this is a non-alcoholic drink that can be enjoyed by everyone.

It has a very sweet taste and is often flavored with vanilla and various other spices to give it a richer and deeper taste. Since root beer contains a lot of sugar, it isn’t the healthiest drink on the planet but when compared to other soft drinks, it may be a safer alternative.