What Does Mustard Taste Like?

Mustard is one of the most common condiments in the world and unlike many other sauces, actually comes from a tiny seed; the mustard seed.

However, while you may be more familiar with the bright yellow mustard that is served on hamburgers, meats, and with vegetables, there are other types.

But regardless of the type of mustard, a lot of people are instantly put off eating this condiment owing to its reputation for a spicy or overpowering taste. But what is the truth; what does mustard taste like and will you like it? Let’s find out.

What Does Yellow Mustard Taste Like?

Yellow mustard is a popular condiment around the world that obtains its bright color through the use of spices like turmeric. However, just because spice is included, that isn’t to say that this is a sauce that will blow your head off.

Conversely, yellow mustard is one of the more mild versions of this food and potentially one of the reasons that it is so widely used on hotdogs, corn dogs, and hamburgers across the USA.

This type of mustard has a very crisp and tart flavor but not one that is overpowering. You’ll typically find the mustard seeds and turmeric combined with various other spices, depending on the brand as well as vinegar and water as the main ingredients.

What Type Of Flavor Is Mustard?

Mustard is generally considered to be a bitter flavor but it’s taste will vary drastically depending on the type of mustard you are eating. One of the most common types of mustard is English mustard and this is considered to be a ‘hot’ flavor.

Is English Mustard Spicy?

When we talk about spicy, many of us are asking whether a food wil feel hot, or burning to eat. When you try English mustard for the first time, you’ll likely be expecting a bit of a hit, and that is exactly what you will get. This type of mustard is made with a combination of brown and yellow mustard seeds.

English mustard comes in the form of both a pre-made sauce and a powder but the key to its spiciness is that there is no vinegar. Using this type of acid will quell the heat of the mustard seed and this is why it is omitted in the English mustard recipe.

How Is Dijon Mustard Different From Regular Mustard?

Another of the most common types of mustard is Dijon mustard. Dijon is an area in France and while the mustard hails from here, nowadays, there are recipes being made outside of the area.

The recipe was first created in the 1800s and this type of mustard is more brown in color owing to the fact that it is made with brown or black mustard seeds.

When compared to yellow mustard, Dijon is much spicier and has a greater ‘kick.’ It is commonly used in salads and sandwiches.

What Is The Best Type Of Mustard?

It would be wrong of us to say that one type of mustard was better than another and this is because we all have different tastes. What one person deems to be the tastiest mustard on the planter, the next person may detest.

If you prefer a hot mustard then there are many varieties such as English or the renowned Chinese hot mustard. This is made without water or acid and instead uses just ground mustard seeds. However, you have to have a pretty daring palette for this one; you have been warned.

Conversely, for people who prefer something a little easier on the taste buds, yellow mustard is a great sauce. Alternatively, you might like to indulge in honey mustard which is a combination of the aforementioned two ingredients, giving this sauce a very sweet and not at all spicy flavor.

Does Mustard Powder Taste Like Mustard?

Alone, mustard powder does not have a taste. The key to releasing that heated flavor that we all know and love is to add water.

When you do this, you will need to leave the mustard power and water mixture for around 15 minutes before eating to get the best flavor out of it. The best type of water to use is simply tap water at room temperature.

Can I Substitute Mustard Powder For Mustard?

If you are making a recipe that requires the use of mustard but you only have mustard powder in the larder, then it is entirely possible to use this as a substitute. However, it is important to get the levels correct.

As a general rule of thumb, you should use one teaspoon of mustard powder, mixed with water to replace every tablespoon of prepared mustard in your recipe.

How Do I Tone Down Mustard Taste?

If you find yourself chowing down on a mustard that feels too hot to handle, you’re not alone. But the good news is that there are things you can do to tone down the taste and have a more delicate mustard experience.

Of course, adding something sweet to your mustard such as honey can take the edge off but still give you a delicious flavor that will complement your meal. That being said, as we have mentioned, you can purchase honey mustard as a standalone product.

Adding some sort of acid to your mustard will tone down the taste and many people use things like lemon juice or vinegar. This will take down the ‘bite’ of the mustard without removing the unique flavor.


If you want a condiment that will add a bit of a kick to your meats, burgers, hotdogs, and even vegetables then mustard is a wonderful choice. This sauce is commonly understood to be hot and while many mustards are hot, there is also a selection of mustards for the more delicate palette.

If you find that mustard is too hot for your liking, you can try using a little vinegar or lemon juice to tone it down. Alternatively, there are lighter mustards such as honey mustard that have more of a sweet taste.

If you are looking for something hot, English mustard and Chinese hot mustard will be sure to sate your cravings.