What does mayonnaise taste like?

As one of the most popular condiments on the planet, you will find mayonnaise on a variety of foods. Most commonly used on sandwiches, this creamy, off-white sauce is diverse and very well-loved.

However, there are some people who are yet to enjoy this delightful flavor and may be wondering ‘what does mayonnaise taste like?’ 

In this article, we will be discovering what to expect when trying mayo for the first time and how to best enjoy this food.  

What Is The Taste Of Mayonnaise? 

Mayonnaise has a thick and creamy texture and this is something that you can almost taste when eating it. Since mayo is typically used as a condiment and not eaten directly out of the jar, foodies will normally take just a little bit at a time.  

This sauce is made from eggs and also contains a lot of oil so there is a slightly greasy texture to it.  

The taste is rather fresh yet with a rich, creamy accord. However, some mayo’s, and this very much depends on the brand will have a nice tanginess to them.

This is not overpowering, nor should it be difficult to stomach but rather blending into a sweetness that compliments the food you are eating it with. There is also a very eggy quality to a lot of mayos but this will depend on the recipe.  

Does mayonnaise taste sour? 

If you ever taste mayonnaise that has a sour flavor, this could mean that the mayo is no longer fit for eating. However, this quality may also occur if you use certain types of oil. 

Typically, olive oil or extra-virgin olive oil can cause a more acidic taste than other types of oil. But that is not to say that you cannot use them in your recipe. Some people like the earthy quality that olive oil brings to mayo. 

If you are eating a store-bought mayo then you may find that the less expensive products have a tangier and more sour taste than those that are on the higher-end of price.  

What Does Homemade Mayonnaise Taste Like? 

The great thing about homemade mayo is that you can alter it to your own tastes.

This is great for anyone who wants to switch up the type of oil that they are using for a less or more acidic taste.  

Furthermore, you will often find that many homemade mayonnaise recipes leave you with an end product that is much creamier and noticeable richer.  

Does homemade Mayonnaise taste better? 

As a general rule, most people would agree that homemade mayonnaise tastes better than the products you can buy in a supermarket.  

This is usually because you are able to select the quality of your ingredients. If you like an eggy mayo, you will want to make sure that the eggs you use are fresh and full of flavor.

Similarly, and as we have discovered, changing the type of oil can alter the taste dramatically. 

What Does Bad Mayo Taste Like? 

To avoid eating bad mayo and having a very unpleasant tasting experience, it is best to look at the visual signs first. Mayo that has gone bad may show signs of mold, this will develop around the lid of the jar before on the mayo itself.  

You might also notice a big degree of separation between the oil and other ingredients. Although, this is typically one of the earlier signs that your mayo is beginning to go bad, and at this point, it may not be harmful.

However, even after mixing well, it may not taste as you would expect. 

If your mayo smells acidic, then it is time to throw it out. Mayo may develop a similar smell and taste to vinegar when it goes bad.  

Does Mayo Have To Be Refrigerated? 

Mayonnaise from the supermarket is normally purchased from a non-refrigerated shelf so you could be forgiven for thinking that it doesn’t need to go in the fridge.  

While the jar remains unopened, it is perfectly acceptable to keep it in a room-temperature location.

This is because the jar is sealed and no air can get inside. However, once you open it, if the mayo remains at room temperature, it will begin to quickly degrade and must be stored in the fridge.   

That being said, if you intend to eat the mayo within a short period of time, a maximum of two weeks, then keeping it at room temperature will be safe.  

Can You Get Sick From Eating Expired Mayo? 

The mayo itself will not cause you to become sick if you eat it after it has expired; it is the bacteria that form on the food.  

When eating out of date mayo, you are risking stomach upset because the harmful bacteria can upset the gut.

This will typically cause stomach pain at the mild end of the spectrum through to vomiting and diarrhea at the severe end.  

Since mayo is made with eggs, there is a chance that salmonella could be present. This is a bacteria that can cause serious food poisoning and one of the main reasons that homemade mayo is not recommended for pregnant or breastfeeding ladies.  

What Does Mayo Go Well With? 

Mayonnaise is a very diverse food that will pair well with many dishes. Often, people will eat it on sandwiches to enhance the flavor. It is also popular on salads; why not try adding some garlic and herbs to your mayo and dip your pizza crusts in? 

Many people also enjoy mayo with fries or on battered and fried meats. It goes very well with crudites and with eggs.  

Because of its flavor, this is a sauce that will complement pretty much anything. In fact, there are some rather interesting preferences out there; so get creative! 


Mayo is a thick and creamy condiment that can be paired with almost anything. It has a slightly tangy yet fresh taste that ends in an oily sweetness.

However, the taste can be altered depending on the types of oil that are used and the quality of the other ingredients.