What Does Kiwi Taste Like ?

Many of us stick to eating the same fruits time and time again, but there are so many out there that can liven up even the blandest fruit diet. Kiwi is a popular choice but a lot of people are a little dubious about trying it; what does it taste like? Do you eat the skin? What does kiwi pair well with?

Once you understand a little bit more about this fruit, it won’t seem as strange and you’ll likely want to include it in your diet as often as possible. So, let’s get better acquainted with the kiwi fruit.

What Was Kiwi Called Originally?

With a name like kiwi, you might instantly assume that this fruit it native to New Zealand, and while it is grown there, kiwi is actually produced in a lot of countries. For example, Japan is a massive exporter of kiwi fruit as is Italy, Chile and France. But our far off friends in New Zealand are responsible for more that 600,000 tonnes of kiwis being shipped around the world annually.

And it was here in New Zealand that the kiwi fruit earned its first name. You see, kiwi originally hailed from China but once the kiwis got their hands on it and began growing the fruits, they noticed one prominent thing; the fruit had a very tangy and sharp taste. This resulted in them naming it the Chinese Gooseberry and while this stuck for a while, the 1950s saw the fruit being renamed after the country’s national bird; the kiwi.

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Is Kiwi Sweet Or Sour?

When you eat kiwi for the first time, you will pick up on a slightly tart hit, but it shouldn’t be sour. Typically, green kiwi could be compared to the taste of pineapple which has a gentle tartness but is also incredibly sweet.

Gold Kiwi tends to have a kind of sweetness that is fresh and tropical. Many people have described kiwi as being somewhere between the taste of a mango and a strawberry so if you like those fruits, you’ll probably get on well with kiwi.

The texture of kiwi depends on which part of the fruit you are eating. The inner part is very soft, juicy and easy to chew. On the other hand, the skin has a fuzzy texture which is a little more intense than the furry skin of the peach. However, if you don’t like this texture, it is possible to rub a toothbrush over the skin to remove the fuzz, leaving you with something much smoother.

That said, golden kiwis from the Zespri brand have a much smoother skin without any fur. This means they can be eaten without any preparation.

What Does It Mean When A Kiwi Is Sour?

Kiwi does have a zingy taste but it certainly should not taste sour. If it does, it is likely that the fruit is not quite ready to be eaten.

When kiwis are ripe, the flesh is soft. If you give your kiwi a little squeeze before eating, this will be a good indicator of whether it is ripe enough. If it is, you’ll notice that it feels much softer whereas an unripe kiwi won’t give at all when you squeeze it.

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It is possible to eat the kiwi when it is not ripe and it certainly won’t do you any harm. However, you may find that the taste is a little too overpowering.

What Are The Benefits Of Eating Kiwi?

Being a fruit, kiwi naturally contains a lot of sugar so it is important to eat it in moderation. It is also worth noting that the kiwi is one of the most common foods to cause an allergic reaction so do be mindful of this if you are particularly sensitive to food allergies.

Otherwise, the kiwi has quite a few health benefits that make it worth including in your diet on a regular basis. For example, kiwi fruit is incredibly high in Vitamin C which may help to improve your immune system and can also work towards lowering your risk of strokes. Furthermore, including vitamin C in your diet can go towards maintaining healthier and younger-looking skin; and that’s something we all want!

Moreover, kiwi is filled with antioxidants which will remove many of the free radicals from the bloodstream, essentially detoxifying the body. This can also go towards disease prevention and may also reduce problems with inflammation.

Having high levels of fiber, kiwi is ideal for maintaining a healthy digestive system. Including it as part of a balanced breakfast is one of the easiest ways to introduce it to your regular diet. Furthermore, the fruit may also work towards lowering your cholesterol which in turn can have a positive effect on your cardiovascular health.

Do You Eat The Middle Of A Kiwi?

One of the most common questions about the kiwi is which part you are supposed to eat; the good news is that all of it is edible. A lot of people tend to peel off the skin or cut the fruit in half and scoop out the middle, leaving the skin behind. But what many do not realize is that much of the goodness of the fruit is in the skin so if you are trying to put better nutrients into your body, be sure to eat the entire fruit.

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Kiwi is a fruit that is grown in various places around the world and has become hugely popular in almost every country. While it does have a zingy and tart taste, this isn’t overpowering and its sweetness and fresh taste are what make it such a well-loved fruit. There are two main varieties of kiwi; green and golden with each having a slightly different texture and taste.

The fruit has many health benefits including lowering cholesterol, reducing inflammation,and contributing to a healthy digestive system.